About This Site

My name is Andrew Flanagan. I was born in Washington, D.C. and have lived in Rockville, MD, Salem, OR (for two years), Vienna, VA, and most recently Puyallup, WA. By education (at Grove City College in Western Pennsylvania), I’m a software engineer with a little more of a focus on business process and system integration and less on “hard” computer science. I have a number of websites, some to advertise my professional services, some for business ventures, some for specific projects, and others for more personal family and friends interaction and sharing. This site is my “everything else” site and tends to serve as a hub for projects, random ideas, idle thoughts, and the like. I like to think of myself as a polymath in training. My parents instilled a deep desire to learn and I’ve been doing that for  a quarter of a century now. I have an enormous amount to learn and I hope that this blog can share what I’m learning now and that your comments can build me up more.

My interests include all things software, hardware hacking, home improvement, home automation, hiking, biking, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

I use a number of social media outlets including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, I have a resume site here.