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Fun With Video

Think Photoshopping people out of pictures is pretty high-tech? This video-processing technology is amazing… (from Centripetal Notion)

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Color me High-Def

Well, the high-def video format war is over. Blu-ray is the winner. With Toshiba and now Microsoft pulling out from supporting HD-DVD, we can finally feel at ease buying a video player. Interestingly, the DAY of the announcement from Toshiba (February 19) I got an email offering me a $89 HD-DVD player with 7 free titles! Someone’s triyng to clear some stock… I’m glad to see the format resolved and looking forward to my Blu-ray purchase (coming soon!).

Anyone out there reading this purchased a Blu-ray player yet? If so, any details — recommendations? I’m considering getting a Playstation 3 and using the built-in Blu-ray player on that. We’ll see though. Currently the electronic focus at our house is on my wife’s brand new, high-tech, sewing/embroidery machine. It’s pretty spiffy and can create some high-def embroidery patterns with ease!

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