Case is built!

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Well, I got all the parts (finally) and I assembled it all together (finally). I have pictures — really I do — that I’ll be posting soon. Overall I’m pretty pleased… The storage area in my vehicle that I yanked out of the dash to make room for this was EXACTLY the same size (7x7x4). So all I needed to do was drill some holes in the
two aluminum cases that I got, screw them firmly into the metal bracket that used to hold the storage area on my dash, and it’s a perfect fit. I even retained the cup holder unit on the bottom (see the upcoming pictures for more detail on that).

Now… I have just a few issues:
1) Connecting the wiring into the vehicle… I am NOT excited about this since I barely know what I’m doing.
2) Making the face plate. This should be fun… it’s just cosmetic so I can take my time and it’s not really a big deal. Hopefully it works as expected.

Anyhow — I’ve got some wiring diagrams and I’ll be figuring out the wiring as soon as I have time this weekend. I’ll try to get those pictures up too!

Until then….

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