Cell Phone Requirements

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Okay — I know I just posted an entry about 5 minutes ago, but this is important for anyone reading this (i.e. no one):
This is my ideal cellphone:

  • PDA (Palm seems the best — no Windows Mobile junk for me)
  • QWERTY keyboard (or Dvorak! — but wait — no one uses that…)
  • Broadband-like speed
  • Decent actual phone features
  • Some realistic amount of storage (I can live with SD cards)
  • A good friggin provider that actually covers:
  • 1. My house
  • 2. My work (where, incidentally I can’t even bring my cellphone)
  • 3. The roads between the aforementioned locations
  • 4. Everywhere else I will ever go (except maybe backpacking locations where I don’t want to be reached anyway)

Oh, and I think it’s fair that I pay $5-10/month for this.

Any takers? Hey, wait! Come back! I’m serious!

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  1. Sarah

    Andrew is weird! Sarah’s ideal cell phone is one that is colorful, has cool blinky lights, and has GPS to track Andrew at all times… hehe, just kidding! Miss you lots. Hurry up and come home. Patrick and I like you here in WA with us!!!

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