Fun With Esoteric Code

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Sorry for not updating for a bit! We’ve been busy continuing to house hunt as well as taking care of our ever-more-evil little son. At work I’ve been busy with doing some extensive .NET exception handling in my pretty but buggy code as well as getting into some serious shell scripting (never really had a reason to get too involved before). It’s amazing how a single line of bizarre and seemingly random characters can solve all your problems. I’ve also been messing around a bit with regular expressions. I’ve used them before but I had to add data validation to all of my code and it’s been time consuming learning exactly what to type next. Fun, fun, fun. Really — I’ve been enjoying it.
I’ve ordered a second hard drive (it should arrive tomorrow). It’s external, 2.5″ and bus-powered (no big clunky power adapter!). The intent is to use it with my laptop to install the Intel version of OS X. This will allow me to use Windows on my “work” hard drive but then tri-boot between OS X/Ubuntu/Solaris 10 on my external drive. Let’s hope it goes that smoothly.

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  1. Patrick

    Dear DaDa,

    I very much resent you calling me an “ever-more-evil little son”, even if I do like to pull the keys off your laptop!!!!


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