Funny things in Gentoo

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In Gentoo, “emerge” is the package manager (the tool used to install new applications and software on the system). You can type “emerge mozilla-firefox” to install the most recent Firefox release or “emerge ruby” to install the Ruby programming language.

Here’s a slightly unexpected result…Diane will like this… 🙂

Emerge Moo

Okay, so it doesn’t do anything, but it’s kind of funny.

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  1. Diane Feucht

    I didn’t even see that you wrote “diane will like this” before I started to make a comment that said: HEY, I LIKE THAT!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

  2. Vater

    Did you know that there is a theologian named Douglas Moo? He’s a giant Norwegian. Do you know where his last name came from? There are no Norwegians named Moo! They named his grandfather after a town named Mo in Norway where he was from, when he was checking through Ellis Island. This is not the town of Mo in the land of Oz. Hillary C. is from the town of Mo in Oz. The wizard still hasn’t given her a brain. We’re waiting anxiously.

  3. Peter


    Don’t hold your breath: she may ask for a heart first.


  4. Peter

    Incidentally, Andrew, I like that Organization is the dominant tag in your cloud.
    Gentoo looks like a lot of fun!

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