Hit a Wall…

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Well… Everything was moving along just great until I realized that something’s wrong with some of the hardware on my system. I believe it has something to do with my hard drive which was salvaged from an IBM ThinkPad. I can boot into Windows (the operating system installation that was installed on the hard disk before) but it
just reboots silently at a certain point. My first thought was that this was a problem with some hardware that Windows expected to see since the last time it started up it was running on a different hardware platform. So… I stick the WinXP installation disk in and…! yeah, it reboots again part way through the Setup process. So I’m not sure… It’s not something that’s terribly easy to diagnose,
so I’ll see what happens. I may try my Fedora Core 3 install CD and see if that crashes as well. If so, it’s most likely the stupid hard drive.

Who knows… I have a 3.5″ hard drive that I can test it with and see if that works any better. If that works, I’ll assume it’s the IBM hard drive and maybe order another one.

I’ve been busy with a lot of other things so I may put some of this on hold for a little bit until I can sort it out. Any ideas for why this is happening are welcome. You can respond using the Comments feature on this site.

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