How time flies…

It seems like I just posted to this site and it’s actually been an entire week.

Lots to do — I’ve been playing around with some new geospatial software (ESRI’s GIS suite). I’ll be writing some add-on functionality to it over the next year for work. Fun stuff but a lot of material.

I’ve been struggling to get printing to work at home. I was trying to use CUPS to share a printer on my Mac. In theory I should have been able to connect to the printer from my Windows XP laptop but it doesn’t quite work. When I was troubleshooting the issue I found a number of people who had exactly the same problem with no clear-cut solution. It’s a feature. I just wonder whether it’s Apple’s or Microsoft’s fault. My guess is Microsoft.

I’ve puttered around a little bit with touching up some webpages as well as correcting some mistakes (I had DNS misconfigured for every single domain on my virtual dedicated server). I added Scuttle to my server so that I can have my own list of bookmarks that are easily retrievable and centrally stored. It’s very much like but you’re not subject to their ridiculous downtimes and slow connections. I like. You can see it here.

I also got my calendar server up and running again. It’s using PHPICalendar to display iCal files (that I can edit using either my Mac or Mozilla Sunbird). Also pretty neat. I had been running it before but I’ve upgraded to the new version. I also hope to actually use the darn thing this time. You can see it in action here. I need to add my stuff to it — for now it’s just U.S. Holidays. The important thing is that I’ve confirmed it works! You expected me to actually post my boring schedule?

I’m looking into Mac-on-Linux. I just got a new hard drive for my Mac in order to support mirroring the primary drive and I was planning on blowing away the original installation in order to try this out and also to get some annoying issues fixed (from when I dorked around a little too much and messed some things up in OS X). At the very least, I want the ability to dual-boot on my Mac.

All for now,

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