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Alrighty then — we need an objective for this blog. Perhaps I can merely send updates every day describing my life. The joy, the sorrow, the happiness, the misery, the ups and downs. Considering that I bore myself just thinking about this, I doubt that a blog designed to be read by others will benefit from a running commentary on my life. Also, it takes too long.

I think instead I’ll chronicle my hobbies on this page. This will allow me to have a site that I myself can reference regarding past experience and others might be able to gain a scrap of knowledge (or at least be amused) from my jaunts into the unknown. In case you’re wondering my main interests are in computers and generally geeky hi-tech gadgets. This includes things such as PDAs, cell phones, linux, home automation, car computers, linux, new ideas in software, any hardware you can hack, linux, and penguins. Yes, I know this is not original, but then again not many people are interested if your hobby is photographing sumo wrestlers.

In the spirit of good humor, I will also post items that I find amusing particularly if they intersect with the set of gadgety topics that I’ve mentioned above. I will attempt to make it interesting, and I will also try my best to reply to emails that are sent to me.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this site is of any real value and things that I post here may in fact contain malicious content. But at least it’s more interesting than finding out what Suzy ate for dinner last night. At least I hope…


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