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Well, I’ve decided that a car computer is a big pain to build. In case the lack of postings in the last several months wasn’t obvious enough, I’ve taken a break from it. Apparently I managed to dammage the motherboard and I really don’t feel like replacing it right away. I think I’m just going to wait on it.

In other news, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Linux server — getting my tv-out to finally work, messing around with SlimServer software, playing around with Jabber servers, Secure FTP, OpenVPN, VNC session encryption over SSH, and checking out some security tools like nmap and Nessus.

I’ve been thinking about some home automation stuff but I’m going to wait until we own our own place. I’ve also been looking a bit at getting some more servers to experiment more with Asterisk and some other neat new things… With servers getting so cheap now ($300 for a basic Dell PowerEdge) it’s pretty easy to get some new hardware to play with.

Also, I’m planning on spending some time on coming up with a professional web site for my company, Paradigmatic IT Solutions.

More updates as they happen…

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