Phone Support

Just contacted Comcast trying to troubleshoot a problem with their service. Somehow our account has been disabled or in some way turned off. We can see the “Comcast Account” page but it won’t let us through. Basically, we’re hitting their service but they’re blocking our account from accessing the Internet. Calling Comcast resulted in some dumb solutions with the end result that it doesn’t work. I mentioned that we had it working for a week since we moved into our house. “A new house? A transfer! Ha! that’s your problem — it didn’t transfer”. “But it’s been working smoothly for the first week since we’ve been in here even though I’ve reset the modem several times”, I say. The woman insists that it’s a transfer issue. I keep asking how that makes any sense if we’ve had it working for a week already. I start getting really frustrated and then the woman on the phone gets frustrated but tries to remain calm. She tells me she has no reason to lie to me, (now the punchline!) “I’m very ethical!” she tells me.

Life is amazingly funny. 🙂

P.S. In case you’re ever wondering, routers and cable modems cause interference if they’re plugged together. I learned this today from the cable woman. Don’t laugh! It’s very serious!

  1. #1 by Peter on July 7, 2006 - 2:20 pm

    I wonder what kind of interference she had in mind?
    I’m glad it ended well.

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