Price Tracking

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Price tracking can be confusing online. Retailers  like Amazon and Newegg (two that I buy from frequently) seem to sometimes change their prices daily. One expects prices to drop over time but this doesn’t always happen. I was surprised to find that prices for Solid-State Hard Drives have actually been rising recently (although the real deals appear to have been back in October/November). Thankfully there are some tools that can help. One of them is the Camelizer — a Firefox plugin. Alternatively, you can access the same data at the website (for Amazon) and camelegg (for Newegg). The same group also tracks prices at BackCountry, Best Buy,, and Zzounds,

Here’s an example of one of the SSD’s that I’m interested in:

In this digital age it’s nice to have something that keeps some history around. It’s easy to get information these days but it’s always easy to change information (which is why I’m also a big fan of the WayBackMachine — check out the original Google page!) We don’t keep coupons, flyers, or catalogs anymore, we just remember the website.

Anyone experience this sort of problem?

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