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Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is a neat, futuristic approach to producing food within urban environments. I'm not terrified of running out land and of populations booming too much nor am I running scared of global warming or cooling or whichever it is but I still think that the idea is very neat.

Image courtesy ©atelier SoA architectes I think it could actually be made a cost saver in large cities. The idea is sort of similar to terracing unusable land to make it usable but instead of making land flat, you stack it. I really do think that the answer to a lot of "society's woes" is that these things will at some point become cheaper than doing them the "old" way. I just see this one as becoming worthwhile sooner than some of the other wacky ideas. So I guess I view this as more of an investment in new technology than just philanthropy to support these projects.

The reality is that shipping and transportation is becoming more and more difficult and massively increases the price of products. I've not seen it mentioned, but why not have the first floor be the "fresh produce" grocery store?