The Temporal Me

I have a terrible memory. Even so, I remember enough of what I do to realize that I’m always somewhat disappointed and underwhelmed by my past self. I feel as if the person I was 6 months ago was a much more immature person who said and did all sorts of ridiculous things. Now, the odd part is knowing that 6 months from now, I’ll scroll the archives of my blog (but not too far since I don’t post much) find this entry and gently shake my head and tut-tut.

It’s disillusioning.

There is at least a slight benefit though. If people think poorly of my opinions, just wait! I won’t be the same person in 6 months and I’ll have the class and sophistication to agree that I was wrong!

  1. #1 by Sarah Flanagan on August 10, 2007 - 6:58 pm

    You’re silly. I, unlike certain people we might care to mention, actually do check our spouse’s blog on a daily basis, just in case there is something new to be read.


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