To Christ on Golgotha

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We’re singing this piece for the Good Friday service tonight and I couldn’t find the music online for it. It’s a nice piece — I hope it gets more attention. This is from the Zions Harfe (Zion’s Harp) hymnal used by the Apostolic Christian Church.

An MP3 version of the MIDI file:


Update: Our actual performance (just verse 3):


To Christ on Golgotha (MIDI file — please redistribute this!)

To Christ on Golgotha,
My spirit fain would go
To Ponder on His words
and His exceeding woe.

What pain unspeakable,
in this great cry we see
“My God, My God, oh why
hast thou forsaken me?”

No Vengeance in His heart,
I hear Him plead, anew,
“Dear Father, pray forgive;
they know not what they do.”

His mother weepeth sore,
He comforteth her now;
“Behold in John thy son”,
“O John, thy mother know.”

“I thirst,” He crieth then;
There’s no affliction thus,
Which He, the friend of man,
Has not endured for us.

He, “It is finished,” cries.
And bows His head, The End,
“Oh Father, to thy hands,
My Spirit I commend.”

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