Website stuff and Gentoo 2006.0

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So… I spent a fair chunk of time last night getting the Grace OPC
website up and running again. There were some really weird problems
with WordPress. It should have been a normal upgrade (which is only
slightly painful) but for some reason my FTP client (FileZilla) seems
to have a new bug that sometimes shuffles file names. So if you upload
files 1.txt, 2.txt, and 3.txt with “1”, “2”, and “3” as the contents
respectively, you’ll end up mismatching values. All the DATA is there,
just not in the right file name. Obviously, when you’re talking
configuration scripts, this is mayhem. What a mess — I’m going to
browse and see if FileZilla has already listed this as a bug or what.
Is it possible this could be a server-side issue? (I’m running

Anyway — that’s all for now. My attempts to get Gentoo 2006.0
installed were only partially successful. The installer fails if you
don’t have an Internet connection (which is just weird because
although it may be obvious to others I’m not used to my installation
routine talking to the mother-ship. The reason I didn’t have Internet
was because support for my wireless driver (ipw2200) wasn’t installed
out of the box. Kind of a pain. I just need to plug it into the wired
network at home and “emerge” the package. Maybe my opinion will
improve. I’m sick of Fedora Core so hopefully this is an improvement.

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