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Well. It’s been ages since I’ve posted. Things are really busy here in Puyallup. Here are some accomplishments:

  • Got a feeling of smug satisfaction when it took me less than 30 seconds to upgrade ALL of my WordPress installations to 2.6 using my new fancy script despite the fact that it took me almost 3 weeks to notice that there was an update out.
  • Enjoyed a nice, calm hike up to the Enchanted Valley on the Olympic Peninsula and a hurried, blistery trek down. Enjoyed the time with a good friend, enjoyed testing out some new hiking/camping equipment, and enjoyed getting back.
  • Went on a very relaxing trip to Victoria w/ DW for our 5-year. Despite our 5-mile walk we still never found the Wal-Mart.
  • Forgot to update my blog.
  • Bought some fun and exciting books for .NET 3.0 and 3.5 (and LINQ and some other fun things).
  • Got the yard into working order only to have it mangled the one week I hire someone to mow.
  • Ordered a bunch of books, received a box-load more of hand-me-downs but barely had time to even read the titles let alone the actual contents.
  • Forgot to update my blog.
  • Set some new objectives in life (sort of medium-length goals — the next few years).
  • Planned travel for more D.C. trips for work and the first actual D.C. “vacation” that I’ll have taken so far.
  • Helped the wife with her burgeoning online business.

Lots of stuff. I’ll post with real content later. Maybe.

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  1. Sarah

    That was five miles? Wow, it makes me tired just thinking about it ;o)

    You didn’t tell me about these new medium-length goals! Care to share with your wife?

    Love you so much, hug!

  2. Vater

    Did you take that photo of the banana slug? Aren’t they just downright huge?

  3. Andrew

    I actually didn’t take the picture. I get my images from http://www.morguefile.com. It’s an excellent site for free stock photos.

    I did see some pretty hefty slugs this last trip out to the Olympic Peninsula but I didn’t snap any pictures.

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