Well, I don’t normally function as an advertising agency, but I thought I’d mention to anyone using OS X that there’s a splendid new application out by Lighthead Software. It’s call Papaya and it’s purpose in life is to make sharing files easy and effortless.

Sharing can be such a pain because of problems between Windows and Mac or even just silly things like firewall rules, security, etc. It would be nice if there was a reasonable way to share files that was:

  1. Straightforward — don’t make me click around a lot
  2. Easy to share — let me IM or email something that people can easily reference in order to access the shared material
  3. Used standards that work regardless of your friend’s operating system

Papaya seems to be the answer.

Sharing files locally is automatic. Depending on your router/firewall, sharing files on the Internet may be just a tiny bit complicated but you only have to configure it once. For my own needs, this is beautiful. I can drag and drop files into Papaya, instantly get a link to share with friends and be on my way. No need to email large files, worry about acceptable formats or whatever else.

Papaya is priced at €20( $31 USD as of 5.26.08). If you have a Mac and need to share files, I definitely recommend this.

Also, Lighthead Software also makes the extremely handy Caffeine application that will keep your laptop from sleeping, having the screen dim, etc. It’s a free program and it’s operated with just one click on turn on, one to turn off. I use it often.

To Lighthead Software, thanks for some excellent programs!

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