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Where Did Summer Go?

Ahh… My last post was ages ago. Lots has happened. Most of the family events have been duly recorded on our Family Blog.

I’ve been doing more biking, more work for the new business (especially system administration type stuff), lots of new exploration in C#, particularly in the ASP.NET MVC world, lots of time with boys who are growing up at an alarming rate, some time away with family in Iowa, as well as just the Wife and I in Victoria, B.C. for our anniversary.

I’ve been thinking about:

  • Writing a time tracking system for use internally with the new business. Some of the initial code is written in Ruby on Rails as well as some design docs — oh, and a name: “Tempus Fugit”.
  • Getting an irrigation system in place for the yard (plus some of those automatic hanging basket watering tubes if I can figure it out)
  • Updating my favorite online bookmark system (Scuttle) with some more modern features. Development seems dead on it and I’m thinking of forking it and moving in a slightly different direction.
  • Learning more about taxes, finances, and Quickbooks in order to do a better job with the company accounting.
  • Starting in on a new programming language — I still haven’t decided which but I feel like I’m getting complacent with C# (and some C/C++). Your ideas/recommendations are welcome!
  • Catching up on some cleanup projects around the yard (landscaping lighting needs some help in the back, Windsor block border around a bit more of the backyard, possible door in the back of the garage to the backyard, more top soil and reseeding of back yard)
  • Posting more to my blog. Fat chance.

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