Looks like life is changing again… A day before my birthday, I got a 4-week layoff notice. My last day at SAIC in Kent, WA would be February 23. Thankfully, I’ve just got word this week that I should be transitioning to up to Poulsbo, WA to support my old division on a pretty exciting project. It’s nice to stay in the company (certainly makes life a lot easier) and the new project sounds like a lot of fun — good career experience, work that’s satisfying and interesting, and working mostly with a group that I’m already pretty familiar with.

I’m excited about the future. I’m not sure where this road leads in terms of deep technical expertise vs. getting back into academics possibly with a Master’s degree vs. moving towards management, but there are many opportunities and options that will be fun to explore.

God is good. Not just because things worked out in this initially stressful situation, but because he has promised to be faithful to his people and he always is. It was wonderful to experience the care and support of a number of friends, family members, and co-workers who all rallied behind me in my efforts to move forward, and provided comfort and support. My thanks to all of you. 🙂

Although I’m not sure of the details, I’m hoping that I will have some energy to move forward with a number of projects over the next year. There are some software projects that I wanted to kickoff, some more opportunities I wanted to chase down for the new business, and some fun projects around the house that I wanted to work on with Sarah.

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