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So... it's been a bad quarter for the markets. However, my emerging markets fund has still been performing relatively well. What does this mean from a market perspective? With so much supposed instability in Asian markets I would have thought that it would take a larger hit... However, here's what I have:

Emerging Market Fund (USEMX)- QTD: 3.36% YTD: 20.43% Last 12 months: 41.87%

Cornerstone Strategy Fund (USCRX) - QTD: -0.96% YTD: 4.84% Last 12 months: 12.73%

Small Cap Stock Fund (USCAX) - QTD: -4.13% YTD: 5.49% Last 12 months: (not enough data)

I need to get into this more so that I can attempt to make good decisions (or at least feel snotty when I tell people why I'm making decisions). I don't believe in "beating" the market, but if I can invest in such a way that I can hedge losses that may affect me in other areas I'd be interested. For example, if I'm concerned about massive outsourcing by U.S. high-tech companies (which will affect the entire industry, including my potential earnings) then where should I invest to balance this loss? That sort of thing.

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  1. Great job on the Emerging Markets!

  2. USEMX, very nice. Why don’t you believe in beating the market? What’s his name, Buffet – is looking for someone to manage his company who can consistently beat the S&P 500 like he has.

    Hedging against unemployment, I like that idea. It’s the sort of feeling that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  3. Obviously, with the current return on that fund, I’m technically “beating the market”. But if the wealth of the world is increasing then we don’t need to “beat” it to be profitable. In general, I suppose it’s the concept that I’m not trying to “get rich quick” and I don’t think that it’s a proper Christian goal.

    Warren Buffet is very smart, but he’s also very lucky.

    Also — is wealth created by an individual like Warren Buffet? Who loses when Buffet “wins”?

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