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$70 Lesson

Our washer machine didn't work on Monday. I smelled what seemed to be that electrical burning smell and freaked out. This week has been BUSY and although normally I poke and prod dying electronics of all shapes and sizes I broke down immediately in this case and called up the repair people. They came today. Hmm -- "Did you realize that the circuit's off?". *click* now it works!

What a pain... Ironically, I must mention that my wife TOLD ME to check the circuit box before I called.

Good wife. Bad Andrew.

Hey, at least I'm stimulating the economy!



So... it's been a bad quarter for the markets. However, my emerging markets fund has still been performing relatively well. What does this mean from a market perspective? With so much supposed instability in Asian markets I would have thought that it would take a larger hit... However, here's what I have:

Emerging Market Fund (USEMX)- QTD: 3.36% YTD: 20.43% Last 12 months: 41.87%

Cornerstone Strategy Fund (USCRX) - QTD: -0.96% YTD: 4.84% Last 12 months: 12.73%

Small Cap Stock Fund (USCAX) - QTD: -4.13% YTD: 5.49% Last 12 months: (not enough data)

I need to get into this more so that I can attempt to make good decisions (or at least feel snotty when I tell people why I'm making decisions). I don't believe in "beating" the market, but if I can invest in such a way that I can hedge losses that may affect me in other areas I'd be interested. For example, if I'm concerned about massive outsourcing by U.S. high-tech companies (which will affect the entire industry, including my potential earnings) then where should I invest to balance this loss? That sort of thing.