Scuttle Firefox extension

I use Scuttle on my server (for storing bookmarks). The beauty of the solution is that I have a centralized repository of bookmarks (which isn’t too special considering that many services provide this feature) but in addition, it’s very nicely set up to server as Live Bookmark lists in Firefox. So for example, I can have a single Live Bookmark drop-down for all work-related links, or all my “daily” websites or whatever and automatically add and remove from them as I see fit. The Live Bookmarks mean that all I need to do to reorganize links is retag them and it’s instantly working on all the computers I have.

It’s handy. But there’s a problem. The Firefox extension for Scuttle isn’t really being maintained. It’s pretty simple but needed a new “max firefox version supported” string in the configuration. I’ve updated this and am now posting the unofficial 0.4.2 release of the Firefox Scuttle plugin with support for Firefox 3.5+.

Install Firefox Extension for Scuttle 0.4.2

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