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Types of People

Found this in some notes from a while back (I believe it was at a series of classes at Faith):

VRP - Very Resourceful People
These people IGNITE Spiritual Passion (Mentors)

VIP - Very Important People
These people SHARE Spiritual Passion (Peers)

VTP - Very Trainable People
These people CATCH Spiritual Passion (Proteges)

VNP - Very Nice People
These people ENJOY Spiritual Passion

VDP - Very Draining People
These people SAP Spiritual Passion

(If someone knows the source I'll post it -- I can't remember)

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  1. I like it. I never took that class at Faith!

  2. That’s really good! I’m curious what the application is… do we sort of identify people in those categories and respond accordingly? Or introspect about which one we are ourselves?

  3. I know someone who cal tell you the source Bill Becker, minister (256)974-1236

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